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How to Utilize Instagram Collections

If you save posts on Instagram, it means that you would like to check in future. On Instagram, you can organize your saved posts in private Instagram collections so that you will find it easier to check later on.

What are the advantages of Instagram collections?

On the one hand, Instagram collections can help you to analyze competitors without running out of money. You can look for great local businesses in your niche market and save relative posts to your Instagram collections. Analyzing these collections will help you to know how your competitors are communicating with their followers.
On the other hand, Instagram collections can also help you to streamline engagement with your followers. After saving mentions related to brand and product to a collection, you will feel relaxed to monitor your followers and engage with them when you are free.
Next, the article will introduce how to create and use Instagram collections.

1. Set Up Standard Category Collections

To save a photo or video to a category, enter your profile and tap the icon of the bookmark. When the saved screen appears, tap the “+” top right corner.
Name your collection on the New Collection screen and tap “Next”. Then, it appears all your saved posts and you can choose any one to move it to your new collection. When finished, tap “Done”.

2. Generate a Collection

If you want to save a meaningful post but do not have such a collection, you can generate one on the fly. To finish this, click and hold the icon of the post’s bookmark, put a collection name in and then tap “Done”. Then, “Saved to [collection]” will pop up to notify you.

3. Save a Post to an Existing Collection

If you find a photo or video post and want to add it to your existing Instagram collection, click and hold the icon of its bookmark. When “Save To” screen shows up, click the existing collection and you will find a notification confirming your save.
If you just tap (without holding) the icon of the bookmark, the post is still saved, but you need to take a further step. Find the saved post, open your profile and click the icon of bookmark to display your saved ones. Be sure that the “All” tab is chosen. On this tab, click the post to open it. Click and hold the bookmark icon to save it into a collection. Keep in mind that you can save a post to more than one collection.