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Use Facebook Ads to Build Your Email List and Run a Remarketing Campaign

Do you want to surge your sales by Facebook ads? Do you know how to use Facebook ads to get your email list? Are you interested in running a remarketing campaign to your email subscribers? In the following you will find the answer and you can boost your image and sales by applying it into practice.

1. A Lead Magnet Will Help You to Attract Target Audience

A lead magnet refers to a piece of worthy information to attract your target audience to fill in their names and email addresses. Then, you can send the lead magnet to their emails.
If you are engage in B2B, you can create a guide lead magnet. Apart from guides, lead magnets also include quizzes, ebooks, video series, how-tos, etc. Keep in mind that the goal is to make your target audience realize your value and you can achieve this by reaching their pain points or provides solutions to their issues.

2. Run a Lead Magnet Campaign on Facebook

Like many other Facebook campaigns, the first step is to set your objective to lead the campaign. If you want your target viewer to choose your lead magnet, then use the Conversion objective. Next, select the conversion event.
The next step is to choose the conversion event you want to optimize for. Before this step, you shall install the right conversion tracking on the confirmation page that your target viewers could see after choosing. Then, you can set up targeting potential customers.
The final step is to create the ad that attracts our potential customers on Facebook. For the time being, the most attractive ad type on Facebook ad type is a video ad. For the ad, try to start with a question to arise the curiosity of your viewers.

3. Run a Remarketing Campaign to New Email Subscribers

After you add people to your email list successfully, you can monetize your list by sending subscribers contents continuously. If you match your email list on Facebook and run a remarketing campaign, you could see even better results.
Besides, you can build a website for target viewers. This is more effective due to the reason that Facebook can update website target viewers automatically so that you don’t need to do it manually. During this stage, you can run ads that is directly related to your products or services, which attract your target viewers to purchase.