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Top 6 Real SoundCloud Promotion Services on the Market 2023

Want to promote your song on SoundCloud? You have undoubtedly arrived at the correct page. You’re in luck because I’ve put together a list of the top 6 real SoundCloud promotion services you can utilize online in 2023 to have your music seen and loved by more people. Let’s examine these services, their advantages and disadvantages, and what they provide.


1. Helpwyz

HelpWYZ, one of the best exclusive SoundCloud music marketers, offers 100% real and legal services for promoting content from the most reliable sources.

Service Providers:

Repost Repost: With the help of their repost campaign, you can get your material in front of millions of SoundCloud users by having it shared by credible channels and accounts that are followed for genuine interaction.

Stream Campaign: They’ll give your music as many streams as you need from original accounts that will appreciate it and perhaps share it with their repost partners.

Followers Campaign: Daimoon Media employs Follow-to-Download gates to entice music fans to subscribe to your channel so they can actively follow your musical journey and stay up to date on your posts.


  • Real marketing initiatives with direct assistance.
  • Swift and accommodating promotion
  • audience that enjoys good music.


  • Not the Best prices on the market

2. UseViral

A company called UseViral provides promotional services for various social media sites, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many more. However, their SoundCloud Promotion service is the most well-liked promotion option.

Service Providers:

SoundCloud Plays: Using extremely high-quality advertising techniques, UseViral ensures that your music is played by active people interested in the music you are uploading. This increases your odds of engaging in such conversations in the future.

UseViral offers SoundCloud Follower services to musicians who want to reach a larger audience that actively listens to and freely shares their songs. This is because they only draw enthusiastic fans about the type of music you produce.


  • They provide speedy delivery with only 1-2 days of wait time.
  • Both the cost and the outcomes are excellent.
  • Support is available to customers 24 hours a day.


  • They don’t give a free trial.
  • There are a few targeting options.

3. SoundCloud Pro

What would be a superior alternative to SoundCloud’s promotion service to their promotion algorithm? You may reach a sizable audience interested in your music and wants to follow you as a producer by using SoundCloud Pro Unlimited to advertise your music.

Service Providers:

SoundCloud Pro Limitless – With SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, you’ll have unlimited upload time, sophisticated listener insights, payment for your music, and the chance to appear first on pages, all of which will encourage more interaction from users who are interested in what you have to say.

Reposting by SoundCloud – You can get all the top, well-liked music channels to repost your music by using the Reposting option on SoundCloud. You can do this to increase the number of active subscribers to your YouTube channel and the number of natural music streams.


  • The service is exclusive to SoundCloud and yields the most outstanding results.
  • The costs are relatively reasonable.
  • The promotion strategies and algorithm are excellent.


  • The response time is slow.
  • You cannot immediately become famous by using this promotion service.

4. Media Mister

In 2021, Media Mister will be among the most well-liked and successful online advertising businesses. They provide fantastic SoundCloud play services at very affordable rates so you may build a fan base and earn notoriety in the music business.

Service Providers:

Number of Plays – Media Mister provides the fundamental SoundCloud plays service, starting with 100 organic streams from actual people and interesting music fans and going up to 100,000 organic streams.

USA or the Worldwild: You have the option of obtaining fans and plays either from the United States or from other countries. The engagement is also quite unique, and the traffic is actual.


  • The costs are competitive.
  • The plays and service are genuine.
  • They offer decent customer service.


  • You can only really customize a little on your own.
  • They don’t just have a reputation as SoundCloud promoters.

5. Socioblend

Numerous SoundCloud promotions are available from Socioblend, which is widely regarded as extremely legitimate in terms of providing SoundCloud interactions that are both high-quality and active, based on their reviews.

Service Providers:

SoundCloud Plays – You can get genuine, organic accounts that like your music to play your material.

Followers on SoundCloud – Followers who engage with your music and frequently share it will also be directed to your channel.

Downloads from SoundCloud – With Socioblend, you may get as many downloads of your music as you like.

SoundCloud Comments – Your content will receive comments and engagement from genuine, active individuals.

Similar to comments, folks who enjoy music will “like” your songs on SoundCloud.


  • The service is excellent.
  • The speed of delivery is fantastic.
  • The promotion begins 1-2 days after payment.


  • The costs are high.

6. Followerup

A very trustworthy SoundCloud promotion service that keeps things organized is Followersup. To keep their good name and high popularity level, they ensure that all of your streams and followers are real and natural.

Service Providers:

Plays and Likes – You can purchase plays and likes on your material for a rather unbelievable amount. According to SoundCloud’s terms and conditions, all plays and likes are legitimate.

Followers and Reposts – If your music is good, they can get your songs reposted with the help of their well-known music partners, which will result in many natural and interested followers.


  • Promotional service that is straightforward and doesn’t guarantee results.
  • The interaction quality is outstanding, and the delivery timing is excellent.


  • The refund policy should be better.

Wrapping Up SoundCloud is one of the world’s most extensive music streaming services. If you use genuine and legitimate marketing services, getting your music or beats pushed there can help launch your success in a professional music career.

You will receive satisfactory results if you select any of the SoundCloud promotion services listed above; I can promise you that. These businesses take great satisfaction in using actual followers who assist you gain enormous recognition and success in the music industry by sharing your work.

Leave a comment below with any positive experiences you had with these services. I hope your music enjoys the recognition and success it deserves.