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Top 10 Brands Doing a Wonderful Job on Social Media

Social Media helps to make or even break a brand; if not used smartly social media can make a company lose its reputation. Previously consumers used to check a company’s website to gather information but now they check out their social media pages.

Although most of the businesses are active on the social media there are a few who are doing exceptionally well. To build a better social media presence, you can check out the social media marketing strategies followed by these companies.

All the brands listed below have designed excellent social media strategies.

  1. Old Spice – You must be already familiar with the witty TV commercials that the brand produces. The brand’s social media page has an Old Spice Guy who answers questions submitted by the followers whereby increasing interaction and engagement. The brand also makes use of viral videos to attract visitors.
  2. Denny’s— Denny’s is an American Brand whose main target audience are the youngsters. If you check out their social media pages, you will notice that it does not paint a picture of their corporate image. In fact, most of their content is weird and funny and is meant for entertaining the younger audiences.  You can call this effortless social media marketing.
  3. Starbucks – All the content that Starbucks creates is so compelling that you cannot leave their page without commenting, sharing or liking the posts. The brand enhances its brand image by engaging their customers in contests and giveaways.
  4. Oreo – One look at the brand’s media page is all you need to do to know why it has been included in this listicle. Looking at their unique content, it is pretty obvious that they have a team of highly creative designers with them.
  5. Popchips – This snack food company does not hold back on humor and fun. Apart from creating entertaining content, the brand also shares yummy recipes for home chefs.
  6. Pampers – This baby brand has created a big community of soon-to-be parents who frequently share their experiences, memories, and tips. So every mommy-to-be is sure to hit the follow button to gather more information about parenthood. So Pampers becomes the first name that comes into their minds when they need diapers.
  7. JetBlue – This brand uses its social media page to offer customer services to their customers. All the customer queries are replied promptly, and it keeps their clients updated with the schedules and also alerts them in case the flying conditions become unfavorable. However, they have not shied away from creating fun content for entertaining customers.
  8. Charmin – This might not be a very glamorous brand, but that doesn’t stop it from making their presence felt on the social media. The content is very quirky and playful and draws a fine line between edgy and improper. They also run fun contests, and the best example would be the #tweetfromtheseat contest.
  9. GrubHub – The brand makes some of the yummiest products, and they know how to play their deliciousness!!! GrubHub uses its product and does food photography. The stunning pictures make you drool over them.
  10. Dove – The brand’s Twitter bio reads – “Dove is committed to helping women realize their beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care.” Isn’t this enough to make people follow them? Dove has come up with excellent social media campaigns to empower women and to see their true beauty. It frequently updates the pages with innovative content that aims at making women feel confident about them.
  11. SanChezBistro – An innovative way of using the social media. They love their customers and followers, and it creates highly innovative content for engaging customers. You can also make reservations through their social media page.
  12. GoPro – This camera brand uses content created by followers. They encourage their customers to shoot pictures using their camera and asks them to send in their best shots which are then featured on their social media page. The objective is to make the followers feel good, post stunning content and displays product’s skills.
  13. XBoxSupport – The brand aims at providing swift support for customers. So if you are having trouble with the gaming system all you need to do is send a query to their Twitter account. You will be surprised at their instant response.
  14. Royal Dutch Airlines – This airline brand makes the best use of social media for customer engagement. It receives several queries from their customers and angry passengers, but they are very enthusiastic about posting replies. The brand also displays the response time on the Twitter header photo, and it is updated every 5 minutes.
  15. Zappos – They engage their customers by rewarding them frequently. They had a like-like campaign on their Facebook page. When you like them on Facebook, they will give you access to their new fashion. This makes the followers feel like they are a part of the brand.
  16. Always – This is so far my favorite brand because to stands up for what it believes in even if it means losing half of the followers. The brand addresses several social issues on its social media page to spread awareness among followers. One of the best campaigns produced by them so far was the #LikeAGirl campaign which promoted gender equality.
  17. eat24 – They know that their target audiences are foodies. So they engage their customers by asking them to share their dinner photos which they retweet. They are also known for tickling their customers funny bones.

I do agree that all the brands mentioned above are reputed and well-settled brands but they can inspire any new brand to come up with interesting and out-of-the-box social media marketing techniques. There are more companies out there who can motivate you to become active on social media. Social media has a massive advantage over other channels and if you make the best use of the tools and techniques you can create an excellent brand with a huge fan following.