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The value of AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the most complex fields of computer science. Since we have had computers, the dream of AI has been alive. Thanks to the great development of hardware and machine learning in recent years, that dream has now become more real than ever. AI can not only serve as a commercial tool but also as something that can benefit the entire human being, from curing cancer to improving life quality for the people with poor vision. Now, despite the biggest advancements in AI are still coming from large companies like Google, Intel, Facebook and others, the tools needed to build AI have become more accessible for ordinary companies. The hardware costs have also got down thanks to companies such as Nvidia Corp., whose cutting-edge graphics processing units have turned out to be good at processing deep learning.

AI for social good was one of the big topics at this year’s Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. Brian Fanzo, founder and CEO of iSocialFanz LLC, sat down at the Intel AI Lounge with the CUBE host John Furrier to discuss the role of technology in today’s world. When it comes to emerging technology such as AI or virtual reality, Fanzo said that consumers are look at them like any other new technology. “No one cares what the product is. We want to know how does it benefit us and why should we care”? According to Fanzo, consumers have high expectations of what modern technology can do for the society, and those expectations are shaping the future of the tech industry.

While AI can work for the social good, there is also another important reason that more and more companies are willing to bet on it: AI is big money. According to a report by International Data Corp., revenue from the cognitive and artificial intelligence markets will soar to $47 billion by 2020, and that number doesn’t even take into account the money that companies can save by using this technology. Not only has the technology industry been disrupted by artificial intelligence, almost all other industries have been disrupted, from hospitality to automotive to education and so on. It will maybe take a few more years before we can figure out the real influence that AI is having on our society, and whether it will be the innovation that can change the world or simply another tool of the enterprise’s ever-expanding.