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The Reasons Why Facebook Likes are Important

There are many uses for Facebook likes and each shows an important aspect of the service or product. An individual is able to use information that has been garnered by applying the same to different uses to further boost the product.
The first reason is that the likes let the owner of the product know just how well the product is doing in the market in its niche. Ratings play a critical role in attracting and retaining clients to the service or product. The number of likes of a product is an easy and direct way to show such a client that the product is living up to its expectations.
The information garnered from the likes is also used to track the growth of the product. For instance, a product will start with a few likes but additional likes can be tracked either monthly or weekly to show how the product is doing in the market making it easier to gauge which is the best method to use to increase popularity of the said product.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is another reason why the likes are important. SEO ensures that when a person searches for your product or company on any search engine, the information will turn up, preferably on the first page of the search results. Search bots will general target those accounts which have many likes first then the rest follow. The goal of using the likes is to enhance virtual visibility using organic searches.

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The reality is that the more the likes that an account has, the more the chances of getting beneficial feedback from the consumer. Liking a page allows a consumer access to certain pages of the account, a person who has liked a page is also able to comment directly about a service that they have received or give crucial feedback on the same.
The likes are also a great way of ensuring that there is sharing of the account content with potential clients. For instance, if a client chooses to share an interesting titbit from the liked account then the link to the that account is spread leading to free and important marketing as the same may also be shared from that individuals account by their friends. If there is interesting information the link will direct the new potential client back to the site for further information.
When an account has many likes, then that company will appear to be more trustworthy to a potential client. This will help with the acquisition of new clients who prefer tried and tested methods to follow, thereby skipping the verification of each product.
The likes are also a great way of getting a small or medium enterprise noticed. The fact that it is free to open an account of Facebook makes it easier for small and medium business to focus their much needed resources on other aspects of the business while still getting their product noticed by potential clients.