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Social media marketing trends 2016

If you have been active on social media, you would know that these social platforms have gone through a lot of changes and have evolved immensely in the past couple of years. The way people use the social media has gone through plenty of changes which has prompted marketers to come up with different approaches to connect with the maximum number of social media users.


So if you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to know the present trends in social media marketing which is discussed below –

  1. Mobile Responsive Pages – Ever heard about mobile optimization? As an internet user, you would be familiar with the fact that smartphones and other devices have made internet browsing more comfortable and convenient than your desktop and laptops. A recent survey has noted that the mobiles generated more traffic than any other channels. So if you want to connect with maximum users, your websites need to be optimized for all screen sizes.  This will help you to build more leads and enhance the conversion rates.
  2. The rise of local SEO – Google prioritises local SEO. If you punch in the terms “best salons” into Google search, you will be shown results of the salons nearest to your location, isn’t it? This happens due to local SEO. Businesses can create pages on “Google my Business” and “Google+ Local”. When your business gets listed on these sites, you will get better visibility on search results thereby attracting more customers.
  3. Social Media for better rankings – Did you know that you can use your social media posts to secure better rankings on search engine results? All you need to do is create posts with optimised keywords. So when a customer enters these keywords your brand’s social media page will be displayed on the results page which will drive the visitors to your main page resulting in better conversions. To make this more feasible social media platforms like Facebook are providing options like revamped Notes feature with which you can create long form content.
  4. You can now sell on Social Media – Although in the beginning social media platforms were not open for marketing and advertising, you can now advertise and sell your products or services directly on these social media sites. For example platforms like Pinterest and Facebook have launched the “Buy Now” options. So it has now become very convenient for customers to buy your products and eventually you will have increased conversions. So if your customer is using the Facebook app, he can make a purchase instantly without having to sign out of the app. So you not only sell your product but also provide a better customer experience. This is just the beginning; we are sure that by the end of this year more media platforms will encourage direct selling on their sites.
  5. Innovations in in-app functionality – As mentioned above innovations that Facebook and Pinterest have introduced enable visitors to make a purchase without leaving the apps. This year more such innovations are bound to be introduced in the apps so that users can fulfill all of their online needs without having to switch apps. The best example would be the Facebook feature which automatically plays the videos on your page as you scroll, very handy, isn’t it?


  1. More publication options on media sites – Facebook had introduced a feature called Instant Articles. With this users can access content without leaving the app. The most attractive advantage of Instant Articles is that it loads the content quicker than the usual web links which offer a better user experience.
  2. If you are a publisher, you can reach out to more people with this feature. Rumour has it that, Twitter too is all set to launch a similar feature known as Project Lightning, to help publishing companies get more audience and to enhance their conversion rates.
  3. Videos will rule social media – YouTube obtains an enormous amount of hits every day. Facebook is said to receive over 8 billion video views every day. These statistics show that online visitors love videos. Videos have a better advantage in attracting and engaging audiences. Since platforms like YouTube and Netflix are providing the opportunities for posting videos then why not make use of it. So for attracting and engaging your audience, offer information through videos.
  4. Links continue to matter – Posting your website links on your social media pages will help you get better rankings for your website page.
  5. More features to promote long content – Social media platforms began with options for short messages and posts. And what marketers did was that they provided posts in a small size and then offered the links to the main content. But now these media sites allow users to post the entire blog or content directly on their platform. LinkedIn was the latest platform to open up to long content publishing. As mentioned above, Facebook offered long content publishing facility through the Notes feature. Blogging on social media sites is a growing trend this year.
  6. Advertising through social media – This year marketers are making a great use of the social media for marketing. The main reason is that advertising is not as effective as before due to the high competition, and the ad costs are also on a rapid increase. The only cost effective way to advertise is with the help of social media posts and content.

The goal this year is to make the best use of the social media platforms to gain better visibility online. And to make this a possibility, the several popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., are working on developing exciting features to let marketers provide an excellent user experience for customers. If you can modify your strategies to adapt to these changes you can make it big this year.