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When YouTube started, the first few years, views were counted based on the number of times the same video page a video uploaded was opened. This translates to a YouTube Video increasing its view counts only by pressing the refresh button over and over again.

But the last two years the ways of counting YouTube Views was changed for the better. Nowadays alongside regular YouTube Views, High retention video Views on YouTube were introduced. These are views counted based on the number of times the video has been watched from start to finish.

The YouTube platform of today measures the video’s ability to retain its audience based on the comparative and absolute retention. The beauty of absolute audience is its ability to display views for each and every separate video clip movement recording it as a percentage of the whole lot of video views.

Why Relative Audience?

Relative audio retention signifies your video’s ability of keeping viewers all through playback in comparison to all or any YouTube clips of similar length to your video. Separate users or businesses that have had the opportunity of having high retention video views will get a higher ranking on both YouTube and Google searches.

Importance of Buying High retention Video Views

  • Buying High Retention views will leave your account secure
  • Buying High retention views will increase the amount of communication between viewers in the comments section and encourage viewers to continue posting more comments.
  • The views will generate for you real feedback both with the likes and dislikes.
  • These views are highly effective and the best form of views you can receive when purchasing YouTube review.
  • These views are genuine as viewers will have to watch the videos for their views to be registered.

The Downside of Not Getting Retention Views

If you fail to get these reviews you will end up missing comments and ratings. This is an indication that you bought fake reviews, which will be recognized by both your video viewers and potential customers and might also warrant unwanted attention by YouTube which means you will land in hot soup!

As you can clearly see for yourself, you need to know where to buy these reviews. If you wish to get only the best and high quality YouTube Video then getting the right place and the best High YouTube retention views is the only way to get genuine viewers and potential customers!

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