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Relevance Of Facebook In Marketing

Social media is the platform that adds the right perspective to your designation. Be it the ‘public’ in Public Relations or ‘market’ in marketing, social media has always helped people and organizations to establish themselves in the world. Social media is that one medium where everyone will listen to everything that you have to say.

Talking about social media is synonymous to talking about Facebook. Any social media conversation or debate is incomplete without mentioning this social media giant. Launched in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg as the chief founder, the company soon attracted the attention of people across the world so much so that it was able to capture the one billion mark with the snap of the fingers. Initially developed with the intention of providing people with a platform to connect to each other, it soon became every company’s top strategy for brand promotion and marketing. In the year 2011, the company officially launched a portal for agencies and marketing companies to aid them in brand promotion via Facebook.

The relevance of Facebook can be judged by the fact that the company had an initial public offering of $100 billion, making it a key economic player. However, what we are going to discuss here is the role that the company plays in enhancing the demand and establishing the reputation of businesses and various communities.

  • Established interface- Facebook has designed a highly relevant interface to help businesses to grow and find their target customers easily on the basis of information provided by them on the site. This provides the small budget firms to increase their market share by means of limited budget.
  • Platform for interaction- As a social media marketing tool, Facebook helps in the creation of an interaction platform between users and the companies so that they may be able to develop and maintain healthy relations with them.
  • Medium for marketing- There are no words to describe the importance of Facebook in the field of marketing. The very fact that today almost all of the major brands have their official Facebook pages is enough to justify the relevance of Facebook. The app allows the user to post feedbacks and reviews about products/services directly which helps the company to under the consumer psychology and buying behaviors of its target demographic.
  • Key to a successful website- By means of a Facebook page a firm also promotes its official website by directing the traffic to the website. This further helps in strengthening the company’s command in the market.
  • Brand awareness- For new firms, facebook’s marketing platform proves to be of great help by developing awareness about the brand in the market. This gives them an economical yet unique way to connect with the audience.
  • Harness the market- the various marketing strategies f Facebook like call to action approach, fan competitions, prize distribution etc  together provide a ripe platform for growth and develops a base for acquiring appropriate audience.

Thus, social media marketing strategies these days impart a diverse platform to the firms that has a great potential for growth and the relevance of Facebook is indispensable in this respect.