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Relevance Of Facebook In Human Life

Your mom scolds you for using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram? She do this because she think these things only destroy time and make you useless. But you know you can change her mind set by telling her that how beneficial these social media platforms can be. Here are some points which will help you in defending the relevance of Facebook in the human life.


Facebook- meet the world

Facebook is a social media platform which not only let you connect with your friends and family but also let you know about the updates of world. Social media platforms are not only interesting but fun as well and that’s why 80% of our generation is living a social life. These social media platforms especially Facebook has helped people in being more social and staying connected to their loved ones. This platforms gives you an opportunity of learning the communication skills, handling the people and being active among the people.

Not everyone from our family can stay with us always and that’s why we tend to lose the bond and love which we share with them. Being away from family and not communicating them affects the bond of that individual and his family. Maybe that’s also a reason why one must love Facebook. Facebook has created a virtual world where you can stay connected with your friends and family especially the one you cannot meet very frequently. You don’t need to call everyone and tell them about your life, all you need to do is post a picture or the story. Isn’t this an easy and effective methods to stay in touch with your loved ones!

Facebook pages: find what you love

Apart from that Facebook also plays the role of news portal. There are lakhs on pages on the Facebook which are related to several fields like news, entertainment, sports, magazines etc. You can like these pages and face book will send you updates of those pages. The updates of pages appear in your feed from where you can know that what’s happening around the world. For example if you liked a Bollywood page then it will send you all the updates of that field. This way you can know about the new things which are happening.

Facebook community: enhance your skills

Facebook isn’t only about news and socializing but for polishing your skills as well. There are many communities and groups on the Facebook which you can join. From writing community to photography community and from educational communities to drama & fun communities Facebook has got all of them. Relevance of Facebook increase with the communities because that’s a platform where you can do whatever you want to. Just like if you have interest in writing, you must join the writing community for a learning experience.

None of the social media platforms are really bad…it depends upon how the user is using them. If you wish to learn and grow, then Facebook has got a lot to offer you.