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Why to Purchase Instagram Views

In Feb., 2016, Instagram launched a new feature of “Instagram Video Views”. While Instagram Likes are almost instantly with delivery starting in less than 30 seconds, it takes much longer time (about 10 minutes) for Instagram Video Views to complete the corresponding delivery.

You can buy views from us since the beginning of Mar., 2016. In other words, we are the first company online to offer the service. Like always, we try our best to know any updates of Instagram for the sake of providing the quickest and easiest Instagram services. We are keeping an eye on Instagram and providing services related to Instagram all the time, so that you could feel rest assured for our products and services.

If you upload any video on your Instagram, then you will see a view counter, which indicates how many people have watched the video. Loops are regarded as one view. This view counter now displays inside the mobile phone app, rather than desktop (web version). If you upload a video after Nov., 2015, view counts could show up on the video.
Below are some questions that you may feel interested.

What is the difference between Views and Likes?

Actually, “Instagram Views” are not designed to replace “Instagram Likes”. Instead, Views are totally different from Likes. On the one hand, there are no Views at all for photos on Instagram and your popularity on Instagram is still being evaluated by the number of Followers and Likes. On the other hand, apart from views, you still need Likes for videos on Instagram so that your videos look more attractive. Besides, you can check the number of Likes on Videos by both the mobile phone and the website version. It helps you to increase search engine ranking. For the ranking, the higher, the better. It will largely facilitate your promotion of your products, brand, etc.

Could you introduce the advantages of buying views on Instagram?

The major advantages of buying views on Instagram are gaining more popularity and getting more attracted. High view counts are normally very important for people to watch a video.

Why choosing your brand?

Good question! Our brand of products is all characteristic of the following:

  1. High Value for Money
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