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Perfect Time To Post On Instagram To Get Most Likes

Social media has become a highly important part of the modern lifestyle. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. People use it for both personal and business purposes.

People everywhere use Instagram to keep in touch with friends and family, follow celebrities, and check what’s cool and trending.

Businesses, brands, celebrities, and influencers turn to Instagram to connect with their fans, followers, and customers.

Whenever you post something on Instagram, there are always some reasons to do so. These reasons can be from keeping friends updated and entertaining fans to selling something to followers.

The posting time on Instagram is very important. If you post at the wrong time, your post will go unseen. And the purpose behind posting will die.

You Should Post at the Right Time to Reach Most Followers

Posting at the right time is key to getting the most out of your social media marketing strategy.

When you post at the right time, it will give you a higher engagement rate. More engagement means Instagram gives you more reach. This way, you will get new followers, more likes, and comments.

That said, the timing isn’t enough. What you’re posting (the content) is also very important to engage your audience.

If you post at the wrong time, most people will ignore your post because they won’t see it in their feed.

With every update in its algorithm, Instagram strictly ensures that its users get the most updated and fresh content.

Every time the users refresh their feeds, Instagram shows new content. If your content fails to engage people at first glance, it will disappear from their feeds.

So, you need to post engaging content at the right time when most people are online.

When Exactly Should You Public Instagram Posts

There is no set time that works for all accounts on Instagram. The best practice is to find out by testing at different times.

That said, there are some certain times that generally show better engagement. Specific times and days affect the overall engagement of your Instagram account.

Studies show that the best times for posting on Instagram differ depending on the day of posting. For example, posts perform well on Monday when you publish them at 11:00 am.

For Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the best time for posting is from 10 am to 1 pm. And on Thursdays and Fridays, your posts will best perform when published between 10 am, and 11 am.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best-performing days to publish posts on Instagram. On the other hand, Sundays are the worst days to post anything.

Studies also show that Instagram monthly users crossed the 2 billion thresholds in early 2022. Instagram and its competitor TikTok are the best performing social apps in 2022. This means the engagement rates must have significantly improved as well.

So, there is no fixed rule to post that goes with all Instagram profiles. You need to figure out the best-performing time for yourself. Instagram insights will help with it, besides other things.

How to Figure out the Most Suitable Time for You

Again, the best practice for finding the most suitable time for you is finding it yourself. You need to understand the behavior of your audience.

Following are a few things that will help you figure out the most suitable time for posting on Instagram:

  1. Instagram Insights
  2. Social Media Management Tools
  3. Modeling Top Competitors
  4. Experimenting with Different Timings

In succeeding paragraphs, we will go into detail one by one.

1) Take Help from Instagram Insights

Firstly, what you should do is to use Instagram insights to understand your audiences. It’s an in-app analytics tool that you can use to analyze your audience’s behavior.

Instagram Insights offers you the audience data related to their location, age, gender, and time spent on the platform.

Instagram insights can significantly help you craft your content strategy if used properly. Check best Instagram accounts 2022.

2) Use Some Tools

There are some highly helpful social media management tools that you can take help from to spot the best time for posting on Instagram.


Tools like Sprout Social and Iconosqaure help you quickly analyze your Instagram insight data.

If you are a business, agency, or brand managing multiple Instagram accounts. Iconosqaure is your go-to management tool.

3) Model Top Competitors

Another helpful tip is to stalk your competitors. Check their posts to note the timings and engagement rates. You need to model them. It’s a great way to lessen your burden of research.

This modeling technic works best when you’re on a tight budget. Or you’re just starting out from scratch.

It takes some time…

But it’ll certainly help you find the best times to post on Instagram so you can get the likes and engagement you want.

You should do is to find 2-3 top competitors in your niche. Stalk their profile. Note the timings of their posts. And check the engagement for each post.

And then you can start replicating them. You can post similar content at similar times. And start tracking your progress. You can tweak your strategy depending on the results you get.

4) Experiment with Different Timings

Last but not least, test with different timings. Choose the time that shows the most engagement.

What you should do is post for some consecutive days at different times. Record the results in a spreadsheet.

Within weeks, you would get a pretty good idea of the best posting times.


Some create compelling content, but they fail to grow their Instagram account. This is because they mostly publish content at the wrong times.

The Instagram algorithms favor those accounts which engage the audience for a longer time.

The more engaging your content will be, the more the engagement rate will be.

But what’s the use of engaging content if it goes unnoticed? When you post at a time when most of your audience is inactive, you suck at engagement—zero likes and zero comments.

In order to get the most likes and resultantly a better engagement rate, you need to figure out the times when most of your audiences are active on the platform.

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