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Open Up To The World With Instagram

Do you have something to show people but can’t find anyone? Are you a talented photographer and want to display your talent to the world? Or are you a budding artist in need of a break? And are you a talented connoisseur striving for recognition? And lastly do you have a hell lot of free time and don’t know how to use it?

Well the answer to all the above complications is instagram. It is a platform where you can share videos, photos and whatever else you want to show others and gain accolades.

What is Instagram?

A social networking site with the special feature of photo and video sharing, that’s instagram. It was launched as an app in 2016 and allows users to upload and photos to the service, which you can edit as per your taste using filters and tags and location information can be used to organize it.

Before, the service allowed the content which was in square aspect ratio (1:1), but later these guideline were relaxed in 2015. The web has some new added features like messaging, stories and the ability to add multiple video and photos in a single post.

It was launched in 2010 and since then has gained users rapidly and within two months of its launch, had one million registered users which multiplied to ten million in a year. Now the data has hiked up to 800 million breaking all records and setting new standards.

Features of Instagram

Instagram is not only a mundane social networking site, but something which displays the spirit of world unity and harbors the hopes and connections of billions of people. Here are some of the features and services provided by instagram which you would love tom use the next time you open your insta account.

  • A platform to launch yourself: As everyone today is switching to the digital world and sharing and viewing day to day activities of each other, you can avail Instagram as a portal to show your glamour and beauty to the world and there is an elephantine possibility of your being discovered by a noteworthy personality and your career may take off.
  • Stay connected to your loved ones: If you are living for away from your parents, friends or sweetheart you can make them feel that you are always there by sharing your pictures, going live and showing them what you are doing and using the messaging feature to chat.
  • Make your rivals envy you: You can upload your charming pics and videos of your activities, the stories of the party you attended last night and everything you feel like telling others and leading them to envy your style. You can beautify your pictures and photos using the options available and present a different aspect of yourself to the viewers.
  • See what your crush is doing: You can keep an eye on the activities of your crush or a loved one living far from you.

Share your selfies and stories on Instagram and get recognized for your work.