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A New Change to the IOS 11

The Notification Center is one of the largest changes in IOS 11, which is kind of confusing for users. IOS 11 is quite different. We’ve tried our best to introduce Apple’s new system below. Here are five different features about the notification center.

1. New notifications will be at the top of the lock screen, and older ones will be in an “earlier today” area below. By keep scrolling you can go back to previous days. Each day has a tiny “x” on the top of the right corner, which you can press to clear the day out. And also you can clear all notifications by pressing down with 3D Touch.

2. There are three options as for notifications themselves now: swipe right to open them or tap on them in the app; swipe left to open up additional “view”; or “clear” actions. You can also get the expanded view by a Force Touch if you have a 3D Touch device. And swiping left brings up your pane of widgets, while swiping right will lead you to camera.

3. Swiping down will take you back to the lock screen or the interface of the lock screen no matter where you are in IOS, which means that the large clock, the music widget of “now playing”, and also your wallpaper will show up, together with all your notifications.

4. In addition, the lock screen will only show you new notifications instead of older ones. You need to scroll down to get to those on the lock screen, and then the rest will appear. And since the lock screen is locked, tapping on a notification to get into an app will bring up a request to unlock your phone instead of only launching the app from the notification shade.

5. Since the new Notification Center is kind of confusing for the current iPhones, it’s significant to aware that the new system appears to be designed specifically for the new iphone which has already come out in September. IphoneX further blurs the boundary between Notification Center and the lock screen. Unlike old iPhones you can use the gesture of “swipe up” to get back to the rest of the system. Using face ID, it’s possible to unlock the phone but still stay on the lock screen to interact with notifications. So if you don’t like the new system, it’s probably just because it’s not specially designed for your phone. Now are you clear with the difference of the new Notification Center?