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How to Learn More about Your Competitors on Social Media

If you want to adjust your marketing strategy on social media, an easy way is to research your competitors’ marketing activities on social media. Learning more about your competitors’ social media activities can bring you insights into what types of campaigns they are running, what kinds of engagement they are getting, etc. You may also find good ways to improve your own marketing strategies and further meet your customers’ needs. Then, it comes to the question of how to learn more about your competitors on social media. In the following, you will see some competitive research tools that could help you to achieve this.

Use MWP’s Video Marketing Comparison Tool to Check YouTube Channel

1. Many social analytic tools have a lot of social platform choices, but most of them often miss out YouTube. By comparison, MWP’s Video Marketing Comparison Tool is a perfect choice which could solve this problem. This free tool can help you to compare Check YouTube Channel with 10 other channels. Enter the home page of this tool, and input Your YouTube channel URLs as well as others you would like to compare. Next, click the button of “Compare Now”. It may take up a while to generate the data, so you can choose to receive the data in an email when a window pops up.

2. Use Snaplytics to Analyze Competitors’ Content on Snapchat
Snaplytics is a good tool for you to analyze your competitors’ content on Snapchat. It provides a free trial period for about 14 days. You can find a terrific demo on its website. To use it, sign up and link your Snapchat account to it. Next, click Competitors in the left column, and input your competitors’ username when a window pops up. You will see the information such as video to images ratio, the number of stories they have, the number of their stories per week, etc.

3. Use Klear to Discover Content and Audience Data of Social Platforms
Klear is a fantastic research tool to help you analyze your competition on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Although the free version gives relatively limited data, you can still obtain useful information. First, Sign up for it. Second, input your competitor’s name and you will found the information like engagement levels, influence level, influential topics, actual reach of their posts (rather than potential one), as well as audience distribution among Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.