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How to Increase Your Followers on Instagram

Although a lot of applications advertise that you can buy followers on Instagram, there are a lot of tips to get Instagram followers for free if you would like to spend time on it. What’s more, getting followers for free can prove your ability and bring you much more fun than just buying from apps.

It’s no need to say that being active on Instagram every day is a good way to get free followers on Instagram. You can get more followers if you can make full use of the tips given as follows.

  • Post interesting and attractive pictures all the time! This is the simplest way and the most important rule to get more followers on Instagram. In addition, give feedbacks to others’ comments on your pictures and pay attention to those Instagram accounts and make your own comments on them. The active engagement may help you increase your followers.
  • Time your posts on Instagram. If you want more people to look at your pictures, you’d better choose the right time to post them. Instagram pictures are lasting about 4 hours in an account’s feed. That is to say, if you post your photos late at night, many of your followers may not have a chance to see them. The best time to post pictures is in the morning and after work when people are on the way to go to office or go home.
  • Make comments on others’ pictures from time to time, because this can help you to get their attention to your own account. It’s win-win strategy and good etiquette on Instagram.
    Do not post a series of photos at the same time. You can space your posts out for the sake of getting more attention.
  • Set your Instagram account to “private”. Some prefer to a private account because it appears more attractive. In this way, more people are curious to look at your posts.

According to surveys, Instagram has become the fastest growing social network today. Therefore, there is a great number of potential audience for you to get. Master the above tips and being active and energetic on Instagram will help you to boost your followers. You can also buy some followers from reliable company with good reputation. Combine the two methods can help you to gain more potential audience in a short time.