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How to increase your Instagram followers to boost your social presence

Instagram is a broadly and inherently used social media network geared around liking and viewing photos/videos shared by other users. You can also upload your own photos and videos on your individual instagram page. Instagram social users are finding new accounts to follow through your friends, own feeds, explore tab, and search. Everyone can tap into all of these options to attract more numbers of followers.

Effective tips on increasing instagram followers:

Interacting – Whenever you comment or like on some other instagram user’s videos and images, you actually create a back link to your account. Every user especially corporate instagram user needs to interact with the other social members of the instagram community to grab more attention to your own feed. You must make sure your likes and comments are authentic and genuine. Focusing on the users who post similar type of content will be helpful to get more Instagram followers back to your posts.

Hashtags – Instagram page basically provides several hash tags to be added to your posts. You can use anyone of the best hash tags for your photos or videos to increase the search feature. Labelling your posts with the related tags will be very helpful to get more numbers of new followers on the instagram website.


Posting high quality content – Posting authentic, original, and top quality content at the frequent intervals on your own instagram feed will help gaining new followers and keep those already you have online.

Post at constant intervals – Due to the lifestyle and time zone differences, not all the users are using instagram website at the same time. Spreading your posts frequently throughout the day can forever help increasing the number of followers and likes for your posts.

Other tips for getting instagram followers:

Posting different videos and photos on the instagram site is to attract attention of more Instagram followers. The instagram social media platform contains some built-in options to share images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. So, you can enable these links to reach maximum amounts of internet users with your posts. Every instagram user have to remember that you uploaded photos and videos would not show up on the explore page and in search if you get a private account. Thus, you need to make sure your content is shared in public so it will get the largest possible audience.

At the same time, you must take some extra time to write out a brief bio for your personal or business instagram profile. It will make some interest on the people to repeatedly read your posts and watch your promotions on this social network. It will surely help you to sell to the potential instagram followers and can be effectively used to explain some details about the types of videos and photos you have shared. As a normal instagram user, you must often check out account and posts of others, then only other users will check out your photos and videos on your instagram page.

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