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How to Get New Instagram Followers Fast and Turn Them into Raving Fans

Growing any social media account from scratch could be very frustrating.  And @Instagram is no exception.

That said, there are some ways to do it faster. For example, you can take help from third-party applications, tools and marketing agencies like HelpWYZ. All you need is some investments.

But this comes with another challenge.

And that is…

Retaining new followers is really hard.

This article addresses this problem. Read on to know how to get new Instagram followers fast, retain and turn them into your raving fans.

How to get Real New Instagram Followers Fast

You can grow your Instagram account in two ways – either organically or using tools and applications.

You’ll get the best results if you use both of them. You can’t rely on the organic method when you’re competitors are using smart ways to do besides the organic approach.

To grow your Instagram account fast, HelpWYZ can be a reliable option. using IG followers packages are highly affordable. The company claims that it will get you real and active followers.

HelpWYZ offer two packages:

HelpWYZ Instagram followers Package

The is a low-cost option to grow your followers on Instagram. But, the followers may not be real ones. If you grow your flowers with this package, you shouldn’t expect better engagement on your posts. So, why go with this package?

There are some benefits of this package. When someone visits your profile, it’s more likely they’ll follow you if you’ve already certain numbers of flowers.

Also, it gives you a good feeling that helps you get going with scaling your new Instagram account.

HelpWYZ Real Instagram followers Package

This package is a bit costlier than the first one. But it’s affordable. With this package, you can buy 5000 reals followers for $120 only. That’s awesome if all the followers are actually real people.

5000 Real followers $120

The point is…

Can you retain those new followers? It’s not as easy as buying them. You have to consistently offer value to your new flowers in order to retain them.

If you keep giving value without fail…

One day, they will become your raving fans. And you’ll become unstoppable.

5 Ways to Keep Growing and Turn New Followers into Your Raving Fans

When you get new followers with the help of inorganic methods, it’s obvious that they don’t know you or your business. So, it’s your job to tell them who you’re and what you do. Inspire them with your unique story and keep providing value until they become your raving fans.

So, the first thing you need to do is to fully optimize your Instagram account to meet your brand identity.

1. Optimize Your Profile for a Good First Impression

When new users and followers that you acquired through the our package, they don’t your brand. Your profile is your brand advocate.

So, your profile should have a relevant and easy-to-remember user name and a professional profile image. You should also introduce your brand succinctly in the bio with a few words.

Instagram allows you to place a link in the bio section. You can direct your Instagram traffic to any landing page by placing a link in the bio section and using a call to action. If there is more than one call to action in your bio, it’ll distract your followers.

So, use a short and easy-remember username which relevant to what your business is about. And introduce your brand, and place a link with a call to action in the bio section.

2. Post and Share Stories Consistently

This is key to the growth of your Instagram account.

Yes, initially things like the Instagram followers package can help your account grow. But that’s not sustainable in the long run. You need to offer value to your followers consistently to be on the top of their minds.

The best way to stay on top of the minds of your followers is to post consistently. Share stories. Instagram story is a great way to engage your followers. You can share your daily routine and other moments with them.

3. Write Long Captions

Writing captions is highly important on Instagram. With your post video or image, you can attract your customer’s attention.

But with interesting captions, you engage them for a longer time. The organic growth of Instagram is highly dependent on the engagement rate.

It’s useless to have even millions of followers if you fail to engage them.

Captions are a great way to inspire your followers to take certain actions. You can write short captions. But on Instagram, long captions perform well. No one will read your captions if you write just trite things.

Address the pain points of your followers in captions. Address their problems and give them practical solutions.

4. Use Relevant Hashtags for Search

Using relevant hashtags is highly important for the organic growth of your Instagram account. People usually use specific terms in the search bar when they need something to know.

To appear in the research results when people search for something, you need to use relevant hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in a single post.

You need to find all the hashtags relevant to your niche so that you can use them in captions. 

The best practice is to use them in the comment sections.

So, you can write a long caption first and post it. Then you can post all the relevant hashtags in the comment section.

5. Engage your followers in Comment Sections

All of your efforts from optimizing your Instagram profile and posting constantly to using relevant hashtags won’t help you much if you fail to engage your followers in the comment sections.

Here, the best practice is to reply to each of the comments. Doing this benefits you in two ways.

First, you address any objections your followers are having. Second, it increases the engagement time of your posts. Thus the organic reach of your account increases. And chances are more people will follow you.


It takes time and effort to build an Instagram account from zero. Some prefer to build it organically.

However, some take help from tools, applications and marketing agencies HelpWYZ. The package can be of great help to grab your first few thousand followers.

But to retain your new followers and further grow your account, you need to take some more steps.

You need to optimize your Instagram profile for search and use relevant hashtags and keep providing value through posts, reels and stories.