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How to Change and Reset Your Instagram Explore Page?

Today, Instagram has seriously become a highly popular social media platform. Every day millions of creators produce content. 

So, optimizing your Instagram explorer feed is important for the things you like to see in your feed.

Due to its popularity among users, Instagram has become an inevitable part of any marketing campaign.

Now digital marketing has overtaken conventional marketing, particularly after the outbreak of the global pandemic. 

Companies set up proper marketing strategies for social media to build their online reputation and sell their products and services.

The popularity of social media will further rise in the coming years. And more brands turn to social media to promote themselves.

More brands mean more ad campaigns. And you will see more ads on your feeds.

Too much clutter on your feeds annoys you. 

So, if you are frustrated with what you see on your feeds, here we will help you customize your feed.

So that you can see only things you want to see on your explorer page.

How to Modify Your Instagram Explorer Feed?

If you don’t already know this, there are two types of Instagram feed.

These are:

  1. Account Feed
  2. Explorer Feed

1. Account Feed

The account feed is the place where you see all the content from those who you are following. Here you can see all pictures, videos, and graphics shared by your connections.

There is nothing much you can customize in your account feed. Here you either follow or unfollow other people.

2. Explorer Feed

It is in this feed that Instagram shows you all the content that it thinks you would like. Instagram does this with the help of its algorithm run by artificial intelligence.

If you don’t like the things you see on your Instagram explorer feed, you can change it to see the content of your choice on it.

You choose one of the three options from the gear icon— photos, videos or live streams.

Also, you can use relevant hashtags to filter out unwanted content from your explorer feed.

How to Hide Unwanted Content from Your Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram offers you the option to hide any content from your explorer page.

So, you if don’t like certain videos or pictures to appear on your feed, you can simply hide them from your feed. 

All you need to do is to hover your cursor over the eye icon against the feeds and select the hide option from there.

This way you can remove any post from your Instagram feed.

The Instagram algorithm is very smart.

So, when you hide certain things from your feed, it won’t show you similar posts in the future too.

Here is your step-by-step guide to hiding anything from your feed:

1. Log into Your Instagram Account

It’s obvious that you need to open your Instagram app to log into your Instagram account to hide anything from your Instagram explorer page.

Don’t forget to use App Store or Google Play to update your Instagram so that you don’t miss any new features.

2. Go to Explorer Page

The next step is to go explorer page. You would already know where you can find your Instagram explorer page. 

If you don’t, you can find the search option at bottom of your mobile screen once you log into your account. 

Just hovering your finger over the search bar will take you to the explorer page.

3. Search for the Content You Don’t Like

On the explorer page, search for all the pictures and videos you don’t like to see.

Explore the content fully before hiding. And don’t hide everything at once.

Take some time and hide unwanted things batch-wise. So that you can fully optimize your explore page for the content you enjoy.

Doing this can save you from a lot of frustrations and time wasters.

4. Open a Certain Image You Don’t Like

The next step is to hover your finger over a specific type of image you don’t want to appear on your feed again.


5. Hide That from Appearing on Your Feed Again

Open the picture by clicking or touching it. 

Now hover over the three dots on the upper right side. Here you will see three options—- share, eye button or report.

Press the eye button to hide the post from your feed.


How to Reset Your Instagram Explorer Page Thoroughly

Remember you also reset your Instagram Explorer page thoroughly.

The Instagram algorithm uses your searches to show you relevant posts.

So, first off you need to do is to clear your search cache.

If you have saved anything posted, you can also delete it from your account.

Also, you can delete all the visuals, videos, and images from your explorer page 

Instagram also saves information about the web sources you visited. You can also delete such information from your explorer feed.,

In sum, you can pretty well customize your Instagram explorer feed. And reset the whole page completely.

Here are the steps you need to reset your explorer page thoroughly:

1. Log into Your Instagram App

Obviously, the first thing is to log into your Instagram app.

2. Go to the Profile Section

After logging into your Instagram account, go to the profile section. This is very simple to do. 

You need to hover your finger over the profile icon on your mobile screen and press it. 

The profile icon appears at the bottom right of your screen.

3. Open the Settings

Now, open the settings from your profile section.

You can do this by pressing the three lines at the top right of your profile sections.

When you click on the three lines, the first option you will see is your settings.


4. Look for the “Brower Setting” Option

You will find the “Browser Setting” in your account settings. 

When you open your settings, it shows you some options. You can take time to explore these options.

These include the “Account” option. Simple hover over it and press. 


When you press your finger on the “Account” option, it shows you some more options where you can find the “Browser setting” as shown in the picture below.


5. Clear Your Browsing Data

Hover over the “Browser settings as shown in the above picture. This will land you in another interface as shown below.


Here you can delete your browsing data as highlighted in the above picture.


There is no denying that Instagram is a seriously popular social media platform. Millions of creators and brands throw a huge amount of content every day on Instagram. 

Although many produce valuable content, but also many produce platitudes.

It will frustrate you if you continuously see platitudes on your feed. This write-up helps you remove unwanted things from your Instagram explorer page.

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