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Everything You Need to Know About Social Media

Introduction and categories of impact

Of the many path breaking innovations of the last two decades, social media and its growth is perhaps the most phenomenal of success stories, which touch all the aspects of the business as well as personal life. The applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others which started as a forum to express the views of people on various topics have grown to touch the fields of marketing, data analysis, communication, reviews and much more. Companies have started making business models by analyzing the data available on these social media which help them to understand the needs and demands of the customers. With the great outreach of these apps, they have become a platform to express customer grievances and also one for consumers to judge their goods from the reviews of other customers.

Marketing services

Social media platforms these days have a special data analytic software to provide company information like what is the reach of their product, how engaging its ad is and other ways to track down their success. Companies design special ads which are short and engaging specially designed for the social media. Many new startups are coming up based on social media apps which sell the popularity of their pages to companies who are eager to post their ad on these sites and increase consumer space.

Data Analysis and other services

Data from these social media apps is invaluable as they tell us about events occurring in various regions, people’s view on a new law passed by the government or on the share market, or on an election result and all other kinds of information. It may also provide information about natural disasters like forest fires or earthquakes, the extent of their damage. And one more thing, many people buy followers on instagram or twitter, so need to think about this. A picture of a crack or a tweet uploaded by a person in an earthquake affected area speaks a lot about the extent of damage over their area. Customer grievances, which earlier were left unattended to, have received a huge boost due to the social media. As the thousands of people read a grievance posted on social media, so companies get bound to act upon them to save its reputation. Today, businesses are hiring people over the social media in applications like LinkedIn. Companies are opening polls to know the consumer review of a new product. Open blogs discuss the tendencies of the stock market and so almost all areas of personal life and business are affected.

Some Tips

However, some of the areas that need to be taken care of while using social media are-

  • Abusive language should be avoided as it is a public forum
  • Data from these places may not always be valid. People may just make up data or amplify an event and post it on social media thus confusing data analysts
  • Controversial views posted on social media attract negative attention and should be avoided.

Concluding, social media is a huge platform and has its own pros and cons. The magnitude of a view on social media is immense and so good care needs to be taken before posting something here.