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How to enhance your social media presence during Christmas?

Holidays and festive seasons are great means to enhance your social media presence. There is a difference in features offered by various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can use one or more social networks to make the most of your investment. You should implement the best social media practices to reach out to the audience.
The following tips will help you in this direction:

YouTube Christmas Jingle

You should produce a short video in which you will portray a new character and it should be produced with a unique theme. There will be great excitement when your customers go through the innovative content. The length of the video can be in between 5 and 10 minutes.
The short video should be promoted by sending an invitation to your friends and followers in the network. You can choose a famous Christmas lyrics and a different music can be chosen to make a big difference. On the other hand, you can alter lyrics by following a popular beat. The jingle can be presented in between amateur and professional level quality as well and there will not be any issues in gaining popularity with the new invention.

Instagram gallery on Christmas theme

Instagram offers various features to promote your social networking site. It has stickers, filters and frames through which you will make the most of your investment. There are new tools for text controls and new fonts to add fun on the occasion of Christmas. The special fonts can be used on holiday season to bring difference in the presentation of the content.
Special photos can be elaborated with the help of InstaGrid. It is possible to present an elaborative story in the gallery. You can create short pictures and they can be shared with others very easily.

Christmas hashtag in Twitter

By using an attractive Christmas hashtag, you can attract people on Twitter. A large-scale participation on hashtag is required so that the popularity will be very much enhanced. If you go through the trending hashtags produced by other marketers, you can create a new hashtag that is relevant to your business and the festive season.
The hashtag should be chosen very carefully and it should be optimized as per your needs. You can explore fun topics that are relevant to the Christmas season. You should engage your friends and family members as the message can be conveyed in a very efficient way. You can also plan a theme for the coming New Year as well. By implementing the best strategy for Christmas & New Year, you can increase the number of followers and there will be great satisfaction with your online promotions.
The promotion will be successful when you choose other online channels as well. You can go for offline promotion as well to a certain extent to generate a new set of followers. If you offer a special discount on the occasion of the festival, it can be mentioned in various promotions to attract new followers very easily.