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Diagnosis of Depression on Instagram

According to a recent study, when you feel blue, so do your photos on Instagram. Actually, scientists have studied social media in general previously. However, this is the first time that the study is focused on the diagnosis of depression on social platforms like Instagram rather than the effects of social media on people’s mental issues. Based on the study, the colours of blue, dark and grey are all suggestive of depression.

Curalate have conducted a study to analyze over 8,000,000 Instagram posts, and gave a conclusion that photos with more blues in colour attract more comments. That is to say, if you only want to attract more comments, you can use filters that increase blue hues on your pictures. However, there is one problem that people might mistake your brand related to depression. Of course, you can also buy Instagram likes and followers from reliable company as an alternative.

On Instagram, photos with dark filters suggest that you may suffer from depression, while posts with bright ones suggest a happier mentality. The above are findings based on the study led by Andrew Reece and Christopher Danforth respectively, which studied 166 persons and their 43,950 posts on Instagram, nearly half of whom had suffered from depression for the last few years. The conclusion indicated that pictures from individuals suffering from depression seems to be bluer, grayer, and darker, compared with those posted by healthy persons. In addition, it is also indicated that the signals of depression were shown in the photos posted by depressed persons even before their diagnosis. In other words, it provides another opportunity to detect depression at early stage. Doctors can study an individual’s posts on Instagram to obtain their real minds and mental status. Of course, further and deeper studies are needed in the long run.

In fact, the meaning of the internet and social platforms like Instagram is growing in business as well as in other fields like metal health. For example, if computer algorithms can be used to diagnose depression at early stage, at least a combine approach can be applied in future to diagnose people more accurately and quickly.

Instagram is assumed to be the happiest place on the internet. However, it doesn’t mean every user on it is as happy as he looks like. In addition, it may take a long while for metal professionals to feel comfortable to use Instagram and other social media to diagnose, but the final application will come in near future.