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Relevance Of Facebook In Marketing


Social media is the platform that adds the right perspective to your designation. Be it the ‘public’ in Public Relations or ‘market’ in marketing, social media has always helped people and organizations to establish themselves in the world. Social media is that one medium where everyone will listen to everything that you have to say. Talking about social media is synonymous to talking about Facebook. Any social media conversation or … Read More →

How to Download Videos From Instagram


It’s easy to lose something on the internet, either because you forget to bookmark the page, the owner changes the video’s privacy settings, or – perhaps worst of all – it gets deleted. We all know the feeling: you come across the coolest video ever online, and it is what you want to keep. That’s why if you find a video you love, you might want to download it to … Read More →

Open Up To The World With Instagram


Do you have something to show people but can’t find anyone? Are you a talented photographer and want to display your talent to the world? Or are you a budding artist in need of a break? And are you a talented connoisseur striving for recognition? And lastly do you have a hell lot of free time and don’t know how to use it? Well the answer to all the above … Read More →

Beginner’s Guide: Best Way to Write a Fantastic Instagram Bio


Almost everyone uses social media every day of their lives. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, social media offers people great connections with the world, with the people nearby and the people far away from them. You can engage with others without even standing up from your chair, and you have access to a lot of amazing images and facts right at the touch of a button. However, the downside … Read More →

What Is Social Marketing? Definition of Concept and Main Objectives


Human beings need to communicate and live in society, a society that is not a stranger to how we behave in it. We are referring to the fact that throughout history in the evolution of societies there are aspects that are more carefully taken care of at the present time. In this sense, we speak of so-called social marketing. This is a type of marketing that has two types of … Read More →

The value of AI


Artificial intelligence is one of the most complex fields of computer science. Since we have had computers, the dream of AI has been alive. Thanks to the great development of hardware and machine learning in recent years, that dream has now become more real than ever. AI can not only serve as a commercial tool but also as something that can benefit the entire human being, from curing cancer to improving life quality for the … Read More →

Teenagers will Be Allowed to Shop on Amazon with their Own Accounts


Amazon announced that, with limited independence, young people aged 13to17 will be able to use an Amazon Household account to shop on Amazon’s online marketplace. Teenagers now can buy things using those accounts in the Amazon app. Teenagers’ accounts do not disclose information about their parents’ credit cards, nor do they see their parents’ browsing or buying history. Teenagers can put the order on the Amazon App when they find … Read More →

How to Utilize Instagram Collections


If you save posts on Instagram, it means that you would like to check in future. On Instagram, you can organize your saved posts in private Instagram collections so that you will find it easier to check later on. What are the advantages of Instagram collections? On the one hand, Instagram collections can help you to analyze competitors without running out of money. You can look for great local businesses … Read More →

Facebook’s Next Ten Years


With more than 1.65 billion people using its service every month, Facebook now is the world’s largest social network by overwhelming odds. Its advertising business has grown much faster than expectations of analyst because of its sophisticated targeting capabilities. And rivals try desperately to catch up with it. CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out an ambitious 10-year vision which puts the company at the frontier of computer science, making positive moves … Read More →

A New Change to the IOS 11

The Notification Center is one of the largest changes in IOS 11, which is kind of confusing for users. IOS 11 is quite different. We’ve tried our best to introduce Apple’s new system below. Here are five different features about the notification center. 1. New notifications will be at the top of the lock screen, and older ones will be in an “earlier today” area below. By keep scrolling you … Read More →