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Be Careful of Trolls on Your Instagram

As one of the most popular social platform and marketing tools, Instagram helps you to enlarge your circle of followers and make your video or picture more influential. However, if you are active on Instagram, you may come across one or two trolls. If you are promoting your brand and products on Instagram, the chances of meeting trolls are even higher.

Trolls refer to people who exist to make fun of or laugh at people at the very least, or truly destroy people’s lives and hurt people emotionally in the worst case. Instagram users, especially for brand marketers, shall learn more about trolls and know how to deal with them. If not, trolls may ruin exert a bad influence on your life or even destroy your reputation on Instagram.

Why Trolls exist?

Although the majority of Instagram users have a healthy mentality, there are still a very small percentage of Instagram users who have scarcity mentality. That is to say, they would like to envy those who seem to be more successful or have more followers and likes than them. In other words, trolls are those people who get bored of their own lives and have nothing to do but messing with people, and they want to get more attention from others in this way.

How to deal with Trolls?

First, you’d better establish your own rules at your column of comments. Give details about what sort of comments are forbidden on your account.

Second, keep in mind that do not return like for like. Trolls are desperate to get attention and they feel satisfied if you respond to them angrily. They may find even thrilled if you get frustrated and feel headache about them. In other words, if you find a troll, the simplest method to deal with them is to just ignore them. Don’t argue with them, or you will fall into their traps and make them happy. Normally, trolls will get away if they do not get any feedback.

Third, if you don’t care about money or you have relevant resources, you may hire a moderator i.e. a social media manager so that they can help you manage your Instagram, monitor trolls, and remove vicious comments from trolls quickly.

When you display publicly on Instagram, you may come across trolls. Be careful of them. Setting your own comment rules, being cool with no response, and hiring a moderator are good tips for you to deal with trolls.