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Buying Facebook Likes in 5 Practical Ways

Perhaps you already have an idea how people were able to manage their Facebook likes after buying it. When a person buy Facebook likes, he/she is also given the capability to manage dozens of likes to increase social media presence. Explained below are five practical ways on how to buy Facebook likes.

Develop Your Presence On Facebook

You can do this by “liking” a friend’s activity. This will help encourage your friends to return the favor. That favor is an advantage in buying Facebook likes. Developing your presence on Facebook will help you:

Generate necessary “pop-up” messages for every like and comment in your status update and photo.
Increase your subscribers via “Sub-For-Sub” which features are the same as that of Twitter and YouTube. With S4S, you can buy Facebook likes from your subscribers.

Make Your Followers or Visitors Laugh

This may seem unusual for some, but adding a dose of humor will give you more chances of buying Facebook likes. However, you don’t need to come up with your own joke. By simply putting a twist to a common joke, you can already buy likes from your followers or visitors.


Consider your audience before cracking up a joke. Always remember that some jokes can be half-meant for some people.
Stay current with your humor. A particular joke is like a hashtag on Twitter. It may be a “big hit” for today but maybe tomorrow, it will never be.
Be timely with your jokes. Cracking a joke at 3 AM will only be appreciated by insomniacs or simply those who are on the other side of the planet.

If Possible, Recognize Photo Ops

They say the best moments usually go unplanned, so always be ready to take a picture. Who knows? That picture might be a valuable instrument to buying Facebook likes.

Share content from other businesses or organizations you “liked”. You can also share pictures. If you post a picture on your Facebook page, the only ones who can see it are your followers. But if you enable its privacy settings, that picture will be seen by everyone.

Always Stay Active On Facebook

When others comment and like your posts, respond ASAP. This is your way of engaging more friends. Once you’ve reached that point, you can buy as many Facebook likes as you want. Be consistent with this so you’ll get the number of Facebook likes you deserve.

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