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Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media is one of the greatest platforms that businesses are using nowadays to reach out to a larger number of the target audience. Every social media platform has its set of rules and is used by a particular group of the audience which makes it even more helpful for the marketers.


Every year these platforms come up with new features and add-ons to attract more number of users and if you can make use of these tools you can make the optimum use of the social media to grow your brand.

Here are the top 20 social media tools that can help you market to more number of audiences effectively –

  1. Edgar – This tool helps you in organizing and tracking your content. If you have frequently been posting content, and you might want to retrieve one of the old posts for posting once again, it becomes almost impossible, right? But the Edgar tool helps you to locate your specific content from heaps of massive content.
  2. Brand24 – This is a must-have tool for every business. With this tool, you can analysis how your brand is received by the audience and how well your competitors are doing. This analysis can help you improve your brand and also ensure a better interaction with your followers and customers.
  3. HelpWYZ – If you have a presence on multiple social media sites it becomes to manage all of them on your own. But with the Helpwyz tool is becomes quite easy. You can set posting schedules on the different platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn from one place. This saves you time and effort.
  4. Canva – As you know, visual content plays a very crucial role in making your social media sites dynamic. People love to view images, and a stunning image can attract more audiences. Canva offers several template designs and high-quality images for an affordable budget. With these tools, you can create a beautiful social media site for your brand.
  5. Bundlepost – The Bundlepost too helps in post scheduling but has several additional features compared to other similar tools. One attractive feature of this tool is that it switches the usual niche words with hashtags to help your page enhance the number of visitors.
  6. Nuzzel – With this tool, you can organize the posts and stories that have been shared by your followers. This helps you to understand the needs and interests of the audience so that you can create engaging stories in future.
  7. SecureMySocial –This tool informs and alerts the company if any of their employee posts something that goes against the company law or policy. This tool comes in handy when you have a vast business with lots of employees, and you don’t have the time to monitor the postings of each and every one of your employees.
  8. Cyfe – An affordable tool for small business, Cyfe can generate reports related to Google Analytics, SEO, and Adwords. With this tool, you can create personalized dashboards to secure data.
  9. Social Clout – Another analytic tool, the Social Clout provides information on areas where you can make modifications to improve the functioning of the social media page. You can use this tool to analysis multiple platforms and track the progress.
  10. AgoraPulse – The tool offers its users applications, contests, reports, customer relationship management software and much more. But this tool is beneficial is you are working on Twitter or Facebook.
  11. Nuvi – Nuvi lets you to see private and public posts about your brand. This helps you to get a better feedback about your brand and so you can shape your social media to suit your audience even better.
  12. Follower Wonk – This is a Moz app exclusively meant for Twitter analytics. It helps you to analysis and modify your social media content on Twitter. You can find a lot of information about your followers such as their location and usual time of tweeting.
  13. Feedly – it notifies you about the latest industry trends and content analysis. This would help you to optimize you media posts. This tool can curate and share content by integrating with Buffer.
  14. Inkybee – If you are looking influencers to enhance your brand and get you, potential customers, then Inkybee is the right tool to help you locate the influencers. It gets you the identity of social media celebs and bloggers who work in your industry or are interested in it.
  15. Adobe Post – This is a free tool for creating excellent photos for your social media site. It offers millions of free photos, and it will even provide you with the best presentation options.
  16. Sendible – This is yet another excellent social media tool. You can organize all the comments and posts into a single dashboard for later analysis. It also includes collaboration, customer relationship management, publishing and mobile tools.
  17. Person App – This tool is meant for personalizing the social media page. It gives faces to your followers on your page.
  18. Openr – With this tool, you can create more leads and traffic. How? Using this tool you can add a promotional text to any messages that are shared on your social media pages.
  19. Socedo – You can reduce a lot of cost and workforce and at the same time increase your sales by doing automation of your social media pages. The Socedo tool attracts the prospective users and automates lead generation. You need to define a criterion and then the tool matches it with the interests of the users and attracts the prospective audience. You can also use this tool to create quality leads and modify the workflow.
  20. Babbly – Unlike any other tool Babbly is mobile-friendly. You can share your content through Babbly by entering the URL. And the platform does all the promotion work on its own.

There are numerous social media marketing tools out there but the ones discussed here are applicable for both the small businesses and the huge ones. Make use of these tools to greater a deeper social media presence for your brand.