Social Media Marketing for Small Business

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Are you aware of latest trends in social media promotion?

Social media offers great opportunities for small businesses as well as large corporate entities. There are various social media applications and they can be used as per your business needs. It is very much important to provide useful content on the network and the content should be posted at a regular frequency. Through a disciplined and systematic approach, you can make the most of your investment. You should be aware of the latest trends so that you will implement the best strategy as per your business goals.

Live Videos

The usage of live video feature has increased from the second half of 2016. It is possible to interact with other users by using photos and albums. Social networking platforms are successful to take advantage of the huge potential of images and videos. Through the live streaming activity offered by prominent social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Blab, the promotion of business profile will take place in a very efficient manner.

Tell stories

If you can articulate stories, there is great potential to garner customers in a very efficient manner. A creative story teller will drag audience and the followers will increase very quickly. Even though you use old stories, they should be presented in an innovative style to get the attention of the user.

Smartphone application

The engagement with social media applications is very much enhanced with the help of smartphones. The mobile traffic is increasing on various social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Hence, it is very much relevant to present mobile-friendly content. The content should be short and simple. It should fit into the screen and should be loaded very quickly.

You should implement various kinds of visual marketing techniques to reach prospective customers. It is the most effective tool which is second to blogging. To promote your business in a very efficient way, you should manage visual assets so that there will be great satisfaction.
The static content coupled with visual content will improve the retention rate. The content will remain in the minds of users for a long period of time. B2C marketers will focus on visual content.

Content promotion

The content should be promoted in various ways. It should be done with the help of influencers, guest posting, email marketing, social media marketing, comment posting and outreach. The content should be promoted as per the willingness and interest showed by the user. The subscriber should be able to unsubscribe from the emails at any point in time.

Personalized content

The available data should be analyzed and personalized content should be provided to reach users in a very efficient manner. It is very much important to understand the behavior of customers and the best strategy should be implemented to promote your business.

Marketing automation

There are different kinds of leads generated through the promotions. Through the marketing automation process, you will be able to send personalized content to users’ inbox and the sales leads will be converted into sales in a very efficient manner.