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Advantages of Using YouTube Views as a Marketing Strategy

YouTube is a very unique platform that allows users to post their videos on various topics to be viewed by the citizens of the internet. The citizens of the internet amount to billions of people, making the internet a true global village. Due to its uniqueness there are various aspects that can be achieved only on this platform.

Youtube Views Package

youtube package
The first advantage is the very large market that is available. The advertiser is able to reach millions at any given time with the right vision and planning. The platform has the capacity to meet both the local market and an international market at the same time. This therefore leaves room for growth for a business to become an internationally recognized business.

Another great advantage with using YouTube for marketing purposes is the amount of financial resources saved when using YouTube. To use traditional marketing, one has to have enough money to spend and even then the money is for specific hours. For instance, the charges for prime time are higher and the time is also limited whereas if the advertisement is aired during the day, the targeted demographic may be at work or in school. On YouTube however, the video is always there and available at the click of a button.

YouTube also offers unlimited time for viewing as the video can be watched simultaneously. For example with a television ad, the advertisement can only be aired to a specific location and only within that network and its syndicates and even then probably at different times unlike with the internet in which the video can be viewed simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

Control is an important factor in any business and more so in advertising. Using television for instance, will mean limitations as per the network hours and the content permissible. Online however, there are no such limitations and the advertiser can chose when and how to advertise. Such decisions to be made include when to upload new videos, when to remove and what to add to the videos.

The videos that are posted on YouTube are also linked to the main website of the product or on its other social sites. This allows the user to navigate and learn more about the product from the platforms that they wish to use.  The viewer can also subscribe to the channel of that product to receive updates and new videos.
When it comes to size of content or the amount of content there is no limit on YouTube. One can upload as many videos as they wish, they can also have long or short videos. The format is also not restricted and it can be a regular video or an animation.

The platform also leaves room for discussion by having message boards that permit the viewers to leave feedback or questions on the video.  The owner of the video can then log in and acknowledge the feedback while addressing any questions that are asked.

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