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A Simple Trick to Increase Real Instagram followers

Okay so let’s keep this simple, you are looking for more followers right but you want them to be real people, people who are interested in the type of thing that your account is about to your niche. With this strategy there are kind of two ways of doing this and they work differently for different niches, so make sure you stick around for both now just as we get into this i want you to think of this a little bit like the instagram equivalent of networking at an event or something like that. 

So for the first way that we’re going to do this i want you to go to your instagram account and when you go to the search bar at the top and i want you to type in a hashtag that relates to your niche. Pick a big one so there are lots of posts, so in this example i’m going to use a hashtag that relates to me to my account which is about landscape photography so i’m going to choose #Landscapephotography now the people who are posting to this hashtag are exactly the kind of person that would be interested in my account. And if you do fitness choose a hashtag that’s fitness related it could be fitness hashtag #boxing hashtag #crossfit. Or if it’s food related you know you could do hashtag food but you could go really specific into those ones but try to keep the hashtag big that means lots of people are posting to it.

Now if you look at the hashtag okay these first ones that you see are the Top Posts but we’re gonna Switch to the Recent Tab these are the most recent posts now all of these posts have been posted in the last few minutes some of them in the last few seconds, which means that these people are probably watching their accounts right now, and probably have their phone in their hand. Now this is important okay you could just go down this list and spam like everything. But you would risk being action blocked or shadow banned. And in my opinion that’s just not the right attitude if you were networking at an event and therefore it’s not the right attitude for connecting with people on instagram. The right thing to do and the way that i’m going to explain is, to go down the list and when something looks good something that you actually like, go to the post and give it a like. And when you feel like you have an opinion on one of these posts share it in a comment. Remember we’re networking so if the person has shared their name publicly, use it in your comment you need speak to them like a human this will likely prompt people to comment back, and they might check out your account and if your account is followable, they might just hit that follow button. You know not everybody will, but some might and over time if you keep doing this, you will start connecting with people and you will already have built up a slight relationship with this person because they will remember you as the person who commented on their post.

I’ll talk more about making your account followable to increase the chances of someone hitting the follow button in a second. Remember to be a human there is nothing wrong with using strategies like this to connect with lots of people that’s what these platforms are for. 

But when you start to act like a robot that’s when problems arise and that’s when instagram will you know ban you and that’s when i will think that you’re not being a good person.

Before we head on to the next one i’m going to ask you very kindly to hit that like button. So in that hashtag we were just looking at those are all of the kind of mirror accounts the people sharing content just like us, but how do you find fans of the content that we make if you think about it those were all photographers but if we’re looking for someone who is interested in something, but doesn’t actually create that content how do we do that? Because they haven’t got posts. 

So I want you to go to the same kind of hashtags big ones and go to the recent tab and now we’re looking for big accounts where feature accounts are perfect for this. Pick something that is similar to what you do. If you see an image that looks like the kind of thing that you do, pick that it’d be good if you could find one that is quite recent. now if you go to that post and tap on the likes you will see a list of people that are interested in that post that is very similar to your posts which means they might be interested in your content. And just like before my opinion is that if you spam follow and spam like all of these accounts that is the wrong thing to do and you risk being shadow band and you risk being a bad person.

But if you go down these accounts and when you see something that you kind of connect with or someone who you think is interesting and you go and like a few of their images and leave a comment maybe not anything weird. Remember we don’t want to be weirdos and just start you know going into people’s accounts and leaving random comments. But we do want to try and connect with people so when you see that opportunity connect with people and they will come over to your account and if they see things that they like and if your account is followable they may hit that follow button.

See what i’m really explaining is how to find other humans and then how to interact with other humans. We do need to remember that this social media thing is just lots of humans trying to communicate and we do all want engagement, so just because you visit someone’s account and you don’t really know them and you start liking a few posts the majority of people will actually just appreciate the engagement.

Now with regards to being followable there are many factors that may make someone follow your account and i’m going to make a really detailed article on this very soon. For now i’ll link another useful video and as I’ve said millions and millions of times okay if liking and commenting on other humans posts feels like hard work then remember that’s what you want others to do for you. 

So bear that in mind when you’re starting to go oh do i really have to go on the hashtags and you know like people’s posts and leave comments and stuff. You do if you want to connect with humans in a human way. Another option of course is just to make loads of reals. And another way to gain followers might be to introduce yourself in the comments on this article remember everyone watching this video is probably interested in instagram.

Don’t leave a link because the Youtube spam filter will probably catch you but say hi say what you do with your instagram and leave your instagram handle without the little at symbol. Or you can buy instagram followers and views from us, that will save more work.