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3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Scheduling Posts on Instagram

With the fast development of social networks, Instagram has become more and more popular. It is not a simple photo sharing platform but a high quality visual social site, which has empowered its users to take terrific pictures even by their phones.

If you also want to use stunning pictures and videos to promote your brand or product on Instagram, you’d better develop a consistent presence. It is easy for you if you are able to utilize scheduling tools properly. In the following, you can learn how to avoid the rookie mistakes when scheduling posts.

1. Add Links to Your Update

Many brands waste their caption space by adding links. However, they don’t know that one clickable link is allowed to the entire profile. What’s more, this link shall be located in the bio section. Therefore, put a valuable link in the bio section, and guide your followers and audiences to click this link, rather than adding one in the caption. Besides, you can use hashtags such as #linkinbio to guide your audience to find the link in your bio section.

2. Fail to Attach Pictures

On Instagram, it is not wise to post an update without attaching a picture or video. Many social media marketers may think the updates are just not saved by their scheduling tool. However, the reality is that it is deleted due to the reason that the updates are not attached pictures or videos. To prevent this mistake, try to rebuild your habit to upload the picture or video first. This may sound strange as the caption box seems to be the first thing, but you’ll adapt to it. You can save your time to write your title while uploading your picture or video.

3. Fail to be Consistent

It appears more clearly that being consistent is the key to success. Don’t assume success come to you overnight. On the contrary, you have to make consistent efforts to develop a regular presence in order to see progress as time goes by. To achieve your marketing campaign target, you cannot post 10 or more times a day. If you cannot keep such pace in the long run, you’d better sit down with your team and set a realistic frequency for better results.

To avoid the above mistakes, you can use scheduling tools to make it easier for you. You can also consider about buying some high quality Instagram followers from a reliable provider.