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Facebook’s Next Ten Years


With more than 1.65 billion people using its service every month, Facebook now is the world’s largest social network by overwhelming odds. Its advertising business has grown much faster than expectations of analyst because of its sophisticated targeting capabilities. And rivals try desperately to catch up with it. CEO Mark Zuckerberg laid out an ambitious 10-year vision which puts the company at the frontier of computer science, making positive moves … Read More →

A New Change to the IOS 11

The Notification Center is one of the largest changes in IOS 11, which is kind of confusing for users. IOS 11 is quite different. We’ve tried our best to introduce Apple’s new system below. Here are five different features about the notification center. 1. New notifications will be at the top of the lock screen, and older ones will be in an “earlier today” area below. By keep scrolling you … Read More →

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Scheduling Posts on Instagram


With the fast development of social networks, Instagram has become more and more popular. It is not a simple photo sharing platform but a high quality visual social site, which has empowered its users to take terrific pictures even by their phones. If you also want to use stunning pictures and videos to promote your brand or product on Instagram, you’d better develop a consistent presence. It is easy for … Read More →